How To Build A Budget Granny Flat: Part 1 | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

Building a granny flat or even bigger second dwelling on your property is a huge decision, almost as huge as the house purchase itself. This year we’ve been following several families who have taken the leap to create another home at their place, either for a family member or extra rental income, and this time we meet Deepa and Manish, who are heading down the same path. They’re creating a budget granny flat – only instead of handing over the cash and waiting to move in, Deepa has become an owner-builder. It could be risky business because the couple, who recently had their first child, must oversee every aspect of the new build and try to stay on time and on budget. We’ll follow their build, along with the all the tips and tricks…and, of course, help out along the way. Plus, finance expert Sarah Leslie will be giving us the financial lowdown on budget granny-flat builds.